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Writing a Paper in College - Some Tips For Writing a Paper in College

Writing a Paper in College - Some Tips For Writing a Paper in CollegeThe last thing that you want to do is leave it until the last minute and hope for the best. The last thing that you need is to submit your paper and find out that it was rejected. It can be really discouraging.Here are some great article topics that you can use to give your paper an edge over the competition. They will help you overcome any of the usual writing problems that you may encounter and this will help your grade as well.The first thing that you want to do is to create an outline for your paper and this will help you stay organized. You can then go into detail about what you are going to cover. Keep in mind that this is a professor evaluating your work and if you are able to provide a good outline you should be fine.Once you have started writing you need to get the words down on paper in a way that will actually read well. If you are having a hard time getting it down on paper, you may want to spend some ti me in the library where you can get some ideas from other students.One of the things that you want to do is to get together with your writing partner to discuss the topics that you are planning to cover. This way you are going to be able to talk about what you like and what you do not like. This is a great way to get it all worked out before you begin writing.Another important thing that you want to do is to make sure that you include original research in your article. This will allow you to show off your knowledge and help to get your grade higher.Finally, the main thing that you want to do is to follow these tips and you will be able to succeed at writing your paper in college. You will also be able to write it in a way that does not seem too forced. Just follow these tips and you will find that your writing improves significantly.

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Biography of Mary of Teck, Royal British Matriarch

Born Victoria Mary Augusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes of Teck, Mary of Teck (May 26, 1867 – March 24, 1953) was Queen consort of England and Empress of India. As the wife of King George V, she continued the Windsor dynasty as the mother of two kings and the grandmother of a queen, while maintaining a reputation for formality and dignity. Fast Facts: Mary of Teck Full Name:  Victoria Mary Augusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes of TeckOccupation: Queen of the United Kingdom and Empress of IndiaBorn: May 26, 1867 in Kensington Palace, London, EnglandDied: March 24, 1953 in London, EnglandParents: Francis, Duke of Teck, and  Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, who was a granddaughter of  King George III.  Spouse: King George V (m. 1893-1936)Children: Prince Edward (later Edward VIII; 1894-1972); Prince Albert (later King George VI; 1895-1952); Mary, Princess Royal (1897-1965); Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester (1900-1974); Prince George, Duke of Kent (1902-1942); Prince John (1905-1919).Known For: A distant cousin to the royal family, Mary of Teck wed the future George V and became a queen known for dignity and strength in the face of upheaval and even war. Early Life Mary of Teck was christened Princess Victoria Mary of Teck and, although she was a royal of the Germanic state of Teck, she was born in London at Kensington Palace. She was the first cousin, once removed, of Queen Victoria. Her mother, Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, was Victoria’s first cousin, since their fathers were brothers and both sons of King George III, and her father was Prince Francis, Duke of Teck. Mary was the first of four children, and she grew up with the nickname â€Å"May,† both as a diminutive of Mary and as a reference to the month she was born in. Mary was the only daughter in her family, and from an early age, she was brought up in a cheerful but strict fashion. Her childhood companions were her cousins, the children of Edward, then Prince of Wales. Princess Mary Adelaide was an unusually hands-on mother, but Mary and her brothers also had the best education befitting members of the royal family, even minor ones. She also accompanied her mother on charitable ventures from an early age. A Richard Speaight photograph of Princess Mary of Teck while Duchess of York, circa 1900. The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty Images Despite their royal heritage, Mary’s family was neither wealthy nor powerful. Her father came from a morganatic marriage and thus had a lower title and little to no inheritance, which resulted in him landing into a lot of debt. Because of their precarious financial situation, the family traveled throughout Europe extensively during Mary’s formative years; she became fluent in French and German as well as her native English. When they returned to London in 1885, Mary took on some secretarial duties for her mother, helping with correspondence and arranging social events. Debutante and Wife Like other women of the aristocracy and royalty, Mary of Teck was presented as a debutante at the age of eighteen in 1886. At the time, the royal family was seeking a match for Prince Albert Victor, the eldest son of the Prince of Wales and thus a future king. Queen Victoria was personally fond of Mary, and Mary had a particular advantage over any other potential brides: she was a British princess, rather than a foreign one, but she was not directly descended from Victoria, so she would not be too closely related to the prince. The couple, who were only three years apart in age, became engaged after a lengthy courtship in 1891. Unfortunately, their engagement only lasted six weeks before Albert Victor fell ill in an influenza pandemic. He died from his illness, before they had even set a wedding date, devastating Mary and the entire royal family. Albert Victor’s brother, Prince George, Duke of York, became close with Mary over their shared grief. With his brother’s death, George became second in line for the throne, and Queen Victoria still wanted Mary as a royal bride. The solution was for George to wed Mary. In 1893, he proposed and she accepted. The wedding party of the future King George V and Mary of Teck in 1893. W. D. Downey / Getty Images George and Mary wed on July 6, 1893 at St. James’ Palace. In the time since their marriage had been suggested, they had fallen very much in love. In fact, George, unlike his notoriously adulterous father and ancestors, never had a mistress. Mary thus became the Duchess of York. The couple moved to York Cottage, a relatively small royal residence for a simpler life while they could and had six children: five sons and one daughter. All of their children survived to adulthood except their youngest son John, who died from epilepsy at the age of thirteen. Mary had a reputation for being very strict and formal, but her family experienced her more playful and loving side as well. She and George were not always hands-on parents–at one point, they failed to spot that their hired nanny was abusing their oldest two sons–but their children, for the most part, had happy childhoods. As Duchess of York, Mary became the patron of the London Needlework Guild like her mother before her. When George became Prince of Wales upon Edward VII’s 1901 accession, Mary became Princess of Wales. The royal couple spent most of the next decade on tours of the empire and preparing for George’s inevitable ascent to the throne. Queen Consort On May 6, 1910, Edward VII died, and Mary’s husband took the throne as George V. She was crowned, along with him, on June 22, 1911; at that time, she dropped the â€Å"Victoria† from her name and was simply called Queen Mary. Her first years as queen were marked with minor conflict with her mother-in-law, Queen Alexandra, who still demanded precedence and withheld some jewels that were supposed to go to the reigning queen consort. Queen Mary wears the Lovers Knot Tiara in 1926, famous today as a favorite of Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge.   Hulton Archive / Getty Images World War I broke out soon after George V’s accession, and Mary of Teck was at the forefront of the home war efforts. She instituted an austerity drive at the palace, rationed food, and visited servicemen in hospitals. The war era also brought a bit of controversy to the royal family. George V refused to grant asylum to his cousin, Russia’s deposed Tsar Nicholas II and his family, in part due to anti-German sentiments (the tsarina had German heritage) and in part due to fears that the Russian presence would inspire British anti-monarchical movements. The Russian royal family was murdered by the Bolsheviks in 1918. Throughout George V’s reign, Queen Mary was one of his most reliable and helpful advisors. Her extensive knowledge of history was an asset to his decision-making and his speeches. She had a reputation for stability, intelligence, and calm, which elevated her considerably as her husband’s reign was filled with upheaval across the British Empire. When the king was sick with ongoing lung problems, she cared for him. They were married for just over 25 years when George V died on January 20, 1936. His and Mary’s eldest son became Edward VIII. Queen Mother and Final Years Mary was one of the leading voices against Edward’s proposed marriage to Wallis Simpson, strongly disapproving of divorce and of Simpson’s character as a whole. Despite her love for her son, she believed he should put duty, not personal preference, first. After his abdication, she strongly supported her younger son, Albert, who became King George VI in late 1936. Her relationship with Edward was complicated: on the one hand, they seemed affectionate, on the other, he wrote after her death claiming she was cold and unfeeling always. Queen Mary (center) at her son George VIs 1937 coronation. Also pictured (L-R): Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and Princess Margaret. Hulton-Deutsch Collection / Getty Images As the dowager queen, Mary retreated somewhat from private life but remained close with her family, taking a particular interest in her granddaughters Elizabeth and Margaret. She also spent time collecting art and jewels, especially those with a royal connection. She outlived two more of her sons when Prince George was killed in World War II and George VI died in 1952. The dowager queen lived to see her granddaughter become Queen Elizabeth II, but died before the coronation. Mary of Teck died in her sleep on March 24, 1953 and was buried in St. George’s Chapel alongside her husband. She is remembered for her formal dignity and her intelligence, although an image of her as being quite cold and removed also persists. Sources Edwards, Anne. Matriarch: Queen Mary and the House of Windsor. Hodder and Stoughton, 1984.Pope-Hennessy, James. The Quest for Queen Mary. London: Zulieka, 2018.

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Remarkable Minds The Influence of Great Texts - 1117 Words

Each reader if effected differently by the texts they have the opportunities to study and to each the most influential authors and texts will vary. Throughout the study of the school year and the many texts represented in the curriculum several can be seen as exemplar texts which have made an important and lasting impact on society and literature. In consideration of this fact, five texts stand above the rest including The Iliad, Plato’s Republic, Beowulf, Paradise Lost, and A Modest Proposal. Each text influenced the world after it was written and continues to be taught in great detail, separating it from texts of lesser importance. The emphasis of these texts throughout the curriculum is clear and continuously these texts and their authors reemerge in other works of literature. However, the influence and importance of each text can only be determined by the readers as they are the ones to feel the effect. It is these five previously mentioned texts that possibly have had t he greatest impact on the culture, history, and literature of not only their geographical locations but on the world as a whole. Beginning with one of the earliest texts studied during the school year, The Iliad, which is an epic poem of war and heroes, has left its mark in history in remarkable ways. The story begins when a man named Paris abducts the beautiful Helen and causes as war to breakout amongst the Greek and Trojan armies. The poem depicts the epic hero Achilles who will be one of the mostShow MoreRelatedHow Persuasive Techniques Can Be Important1469 Words   |  6 Pages Semester A Unit 5 Lesson 4 Introduction and Objective A text can inform, entertain, express, or persuade, and also have different points of view. Each uses different techniques. The best way to understand how persuasive techniques can be used to convey a point of view is by reading examples of persuasive writing. The newspaper, particularly in the editorials and opinion pages, is full of examples. This will not only help you keep up with current events, it will also help you develop the languageRead MoreEssay about Handel and Bach Comparisons840 Words   |  4 PagesJacob Zeller Professor Davidson History of Music 114:01 15 November 2012 Bach v. Handel When thinking of composers, whose works changed the world of music forever, many names may come to mind. Among those on that list, both Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel are figures whose effect on music has been felt worldwide. Born in the same year, these composers have much in common and many differences that illustrate their importance to their era and music as we see it today. Their individualismRead MoreEssay on The Culture and History of China1656 Words   |  7 Pagesleaders had an impact on China as a nation, but many of their ideas have flourished throughout literature which has allowed other countries around the world to attain those ideas and learn from them. One of China’s great leaders whose ideas, theories and philosophical ponderings have had a great impact on Chinas ancient and modern day societies is Master Confucius. Confucius has inspired the literature of modern and ancient China through important books which are still being read by Chin ese authors todayRead MoreCollege Writing Importance1004 Words   |  5 Pagesto write effectively. Writing is all around us. People want to be recognized all the time and mostly for how well kept they are. Writing express ones thoughts for the rest of their lives. For example, Bob Marley and Marting Luther King Jr. left remarkable speeches and music that people will remember forever. They were very knowledgeable with their ideas that are now only contained in writing. Writing leaves legacies. Whether good or bad. According the article, Predicting Faculty Intentions to assignRead MoreAftereffects Of Email Showcasing1193 Words   |  5 Pagesnow not perceive the time crunch that a great many people need to manage these days. Utilize the exact textual style in your messages. Understand that no longer all text styles are upheld on all pc structures. Utilize a typical text style. Endeavor never again to apply something that is difficult to analyze or appears specifically amateurish. A lousy text style would motive be able to somebody to neglect your messages without considering them. Influence whole utilization of uninvolved commentsRead MoreEssay on The Factors Involved in Scientific Revolutions1363 Words   |  6 Pagesevery aspect of life. Although, named the Scientific Revolution, this metamorphosis of thought was not restricted to chemistry but touched on nearly every intellectually based subject. This widespread change was the product of a series of unique influences. Essentially, political, religious, and social factors contributed significantly towards the work of scientists in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, by inspiring ambitious individuals to improve: their lives, the institutions that governedRead MoreAnalysis of William Faulkners The Bear892 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Faulkners The Bear William Faulkners story The Bear is certainly one of the most impressive texts in modern American literature. The idea of a snake is present in a series of occasions in the story and it has a more or less tendency to influence readers to take on particular understandings of the concept of a snake. While people generally have the tendency to associate snakes with the idea of evil (largely as a result of how snakes are portrayed in Christian teachings), Faulkner apparentlyRead MoreThe Future of Computer Science Essay946 Words   |  4 Pagesdriving economic growth and transforming our culture. Compared with the future of computer science employment, the most challengeable goal is about the professional development which includes being familiar of many programming languages and have remarkable creativity. Internationally, computer scientists could add their efforts to existing programs that aim to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, improve education (27). For Achieving this pursuits, I obviously have to write clear comments and technicalRead More Daoism: A Journey Essay1162 Words   |  5 PagesBy traditional accounts, Daoism, or Taoism as it is also known, was founded during the sixth century BCE in China under the influence of the legendary philosopher Lao Tzu and the Tao Teh Ching (Coogan 222), but, as with every religion, this origin has been questioned (Jurji 24). The validity of Lao Tzu has been brought into question, and many believe the Tao Teh Ching is actually the work of several authors in one compilation of ideas thought well before the sixth century or even fourth centuryRead MorePolitics : A Very Short Introduction941 Words   |  4 PagesPolitics are tied to almost everything in the world today. From medicine, to education politics have a wide sweeping influence on decisions. It is also true that globalization is affected by a political arena between countries. This essay will focus on politics from the political dimension of the book â€Å"Globalization A Very Short Introduction† by Manfred B. Steger. According to the book; politics play a role in; â€Å"state sovereignty, the growing impact of intergovernmental organizations, and the future

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Clara Barton Essay Research Paper free essay sample

Clara Barton Essay, Research Paper Clara Barton was a life long human-centered whose life effected 1000000s of people covering the Earth. Her thoughts and values live on through the 1.4 million voluntaries who every twelvemonth spring of themselves when others close to place and far off are in demand. Throughout her life she used her many endowments to break the lives of others in demand. Clarissa Harlowe Barton was born on Christmas twenty-four hours in 1821. She lived her childhood old ages in North Oxford, Massachusetts. When she was born she had two brothers and two sisters already much older than her. As a kid Clara ever felt that she could make no right in life doing her to be a really diffident miss. Her brothers and Sisters still loved and took attention of her learning her in all countries of cognition. As she grew up the shyness did non travel off and her parents looked to a psychologist to explicate why Clara was so diffident and what should she make in life. The psychologist recommended that Clara go a instructor. Clara liked this thought and thought she would do a good instructor. At about that clip the province of Massachusetts proposed that instruction be free to everyone so they were looking for instructors. Barton applied and began learning. She taught school for 10 old ages all while still populating with her parents. During this clip she dated many work forces but neer married and in 1931 was quoted as stating, # 8220 ; There is non a living thing that would be merely every bit good off without me. # 8221 ; ( Tilton,18 ) After her 10 old ages of learning she felt the large metropolis naming her. She decided she wanted to see more of the universe so she moved to Washington D.C. In Washington she found work non as a instructor but as a clerk in a patent office. During this clip many early civil war conflicts were happening particularly in the Annapolis country. Clara felt a naming to help in many stopgap infirmaries in the countr y. In these infirmaries Clara assisted soldiers who were severely hurt acquiring her first brush with life on the battleground. Clara found during these times that the battleground was where she belonged. In July of 1862 Clara walked into Colonel Daniel Rucker # 8217 ; s office and said, # 8220 ; I want to travel to the front. # 8221 ; ( Tilton,29 ) Her five pes, hundred lb organic structure was hardly taken earnestly by the Colonel but, with much continuity on July 11th U.S. sawbones general William Hammond granted her permission to # 8220 ; conveyance amenitiess to the wounded and ill? capable ever to the way of the sawbones in charge. # 8221 ; ( Whitelaw,47 ) Barton first went into action at the conflict of Culpeper on August 13th. At this conflict Clara helped both sides gaining her a name that would remain with her the remainder of her life # 8220 ; angel of the battlefield. # 8221 ; For the following twelvemonth Barton was invariably going assisting both sides in the wa r. In the conflict of Chantilly in Virginia she cooked repasts for 100s avoiding her ain demands as she told in this transition of her autobiography, # 8220 ; In the mist of all this? about entirely for my worn out helpers could work no longer, I continued to administrate such nutrient as I had left. Make you get down to inquire what it could be? Army crackers put into backpacks and crush to crumbs between rocks, and stirred into a mixture of vino, whisky and H2O and sweetened with harsh brown sugar. Not really ask foring you will believe but it was ever acceptable. # 8221 ; ( Tilton,37 ) In 1864 Barton was appointed in a brotherhood unit as overseer of nurses. In her three old ages on the battleground likely no adult female in the United States had seen as much agony as she had. Once she was asked what made her spell on and she answered, # 8220 ; You neer think of anything except the demand, and how to run into it. # 8221 ; ( Whitelaw,53 ) This became Barton # 8217 ; s slogan in life. Barton decided it was clip to take a interruption from the ghastly conflict field so she decided that she would put up a response for letters from people her were losing loved 1s. She besides wanted to supply lists of the dead or lost and seek to happen ways to salvage captives of war. She wrote this missive to President Lincoln: To His ExcellencyAbraham LincolnPresident of the United StatesSir: I most respectfully beg your authorization and indorsement to let me to move temporally as a general letter writer at Annapolis, Maryland, holding in position the response and answering of letters from the friends of our captives now being exchanged.It will be my object besides to obtain and supply all possible information in respect to those that have died during their confinement.Hoping that the objects contemplated may commend them to your favourable consideration. Yours most respectfully, Clara Barton After months of non having anything she received this from the President: To the friend of losing individuals Miss Clara Barton was kindly offered to seek for the losing captives of war. Please address her in Annapolis, Maryland giving her name, regiment, and company of any missing captive. A. Lincoln Barton had rather a responsibility cut out for her. Thousand wrote in desiring her to happen soldiers, which was made hard because more than half of the 360,000 deceases were non accounted for. Barton found it was easier to publish 1000s of circulars and postings with lists of dead and losing work forces alternatively of answering to the persons which wrote to her. The undertaking became so dearly-won that Barton took out loans to pay for the printing cost. But her work paid off. Barton is credited with the recognization of over 20,000 lost soldiers. The authorities in 1866 eventually acknowledged all the work that Barton had done and paid her 15,000 dollars, which remained in her bank history till her decease. With this new promotion she became slightly of a going famous person going around the state relation of the civil war and talking some on the adult female # 8217 ; s right to vote which was a slightly controversial subject at the clip. By 1869 the traveling had began to take its toll on her. Barton # 8217 ; s physicians advised her to go forth the state to recover her wellness. While in Switzerland she discovered a fantastic organisation called the Red Cross, which was already immense in many European states. Against her physicians orders she became active in it trusting to derive adequate cognition to be able to convey it back to the United States. Barton believed that one time the people of America knew what this great organisation could make they would encompass it. In 1972 Barton # 8217 ; s wellness had gotten worse. She was merely 51 and suffered sightlessness, coughs and failing so she could barely walk. Four old ages subsequently she had regained plenty energy to come back to Washington.Once back in the United States Barton work diligently to acquire the Red Cross Organization running in the U.S. President Garfield showed involvement and set up the first Red Cross chapter in Dansville, New York. The Red Cross was started at the right clip. The old ages that followed the Civil War proved to be filled with natural catastrophes such as forest fires and inundations, all of which the Red Cross helped by conveying releif.She continued her good work in assisting others up until her ninetieth birthday when she caught a awful cold and knew she would non retrieve. She died April 12, 1912. Hundreds came to the funeral of this adult female who had been described by friends as # 8220 ; the greatest of American adult females if non the greatest adult females in the universe! # 8221 ; ( Whitelaw,61 )

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New IT Technologies Essay Sample free essay sample

Tendencies are the lifeblood to society and concern. It determines how persons and concern direct their design and handle state of affairss. In the concern sphere. IT trends are what carry the organisation from its current province to the following coevals of concern. There are a few tendencies that are presently within society and concern that have been implemented with success. On the other manus. there are engineerings that have yet to do their grade on concern and are still being evaluated for their utility. The engineerings that I will discourse are. wireless frequence connect ability. LTE engineering. touch screen capablenesss. and voice governable engineering. Wireless Capabilities Wireless capablenesss have been around for a few old ages and are really utile within places and concerns that use them. They help multiple persons connect to a router and entree a web for cyberspace and file sharing use. These webs can be password protected so that merely authorised forces can entree it. We will write a custom essay sample on New IT Technologies Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page These webs can besides be left public so that anyone in scope can entree it. The major advantage of the radio web is that it eliminates the use of Ethernet overseas telegrams and phone lines to link to the cyberspace. Besides it allows multiple persons within the same location to entree this web every bit good. The disadvantage of this engineering is that if there is an outage within your country or the router goes out so the signal is lost every bit good. If this event occurs. the Ethernet overseas telegram can be connected to the router but limits the figure of persons who will hold entree. If an organisation does non hold radio capablenesss they should implement this into their concern. With the entree to wireless pressmans this can profit organisations because multiple persons can entree this hub. It does present the same disadvantages that any other radio connectable devices but serves each person in the organisation. LTE Technology LTE engineering is the newest ascent to 3G webs that are use in voice communicating. It is presently being used by phone companies such as Verizon. AT A ; T. T-Mobile. and Sprint. It will let faster connect ability for clients and serve as an ascent to the current webs. The advantage with this engineering is that it increases informations velocities for users and allows them to make multiple things at the same time. The disadvantage with engineering is that it has non been to the full integrated and everyone does non hold entree to it presently. Harmonizing to Phil Asmundson. â€Å"Device-makers will be quicker on the consumption with LTE because they have more experience in the concern theoretical accounts environing data-enabled phones. † At the minute merely certain phones have entree to it so the full potency has non been reached. For the concern degree this can be expensive to incorporate and would take an executive determination. Currently. some companies issue cellular devices to their employees for legion grounds. If they upgraded all employees’ devices it would be dearly-won but besides would ease communicating. The companies could carry on nomadic meetings by utilizing facetime or Skype with their associates. If this is done each person informations velocity would be capable of remaining on the call without dawdling or dropping signal ( Fitchard. 2010 ) . Touch screen Capabilities Touch screen devices have been around for a few old ages when it comes to cellular devices but now they are occupying the concern degree. With the development of touch screen desktop computing machines some companies may be looking towards implementing these devices within their organisations. This will impact concern on multiple degrees and have its advantages and disadvantages for the organisation. The advantage is that it can do accessing the computing machine much easier and extinguish the use of the mouse. Besides it will give exhilaration to the employees in the beginning phases of use. The disadvantage of this engineering is chiefly the cost due to the monetary value of buying these proctors. The 2nd disadvantage is upkeep of these devices due to the sum of cleansing that will happen to maintain these proctors clear from fingerprints. This engineering while creative does non function an organisation much use when it comes to carry oning concern although it may be trendy at the current minute. Voice Controllable Technology Voice-control engineering is an helper that can assist out when you’re drive. caring for patients or ankle-deep in hands-on work. â€Å"Voice-recognition tools besides can be effectual in workplaces with document-intensive work flows. † says Vlad Sejnoha. main engineering officer at Burlington. Mass. -based Nuance Communications. which offers the Dragon Go! Voice-recognition hunt app. â€Å"For illustration. the federal authorities has mandated the usage of electronic medical record systems to gaining control and portion patient information. But they tend to be difficult to utilize. template-oriented and a good option for voice acknowledgment. ( Blum. 2012 ) † Voice-recognition package has already been implemented within cellular devices so it would function a intent within concern every bit good. Apple has already made it a core portion of its trade name and is looking to integrate it within their computing machines and tablets. This package besides has the capa bleness to be incorporated with affiliated telecastings. cameras. Web and e-mail platforms every bit good as vehicles. This engineering may function as being excessively dearly-won due to new purchases a company would hold to do but could function as a benefit. The advantage is that it allows persons to carry on multiple undertakings as one time so it can raise efficiency. The disadvantage is that it can go a distraction to persons and be a hinderance ( International Business. 2012 ) . Mentions Blum. J. ( 2012 ) . 10 Tech Trends Specifying the Future of Small Business. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. enterpriser. com/article/222592Fitchard. K. ( 2010 ) . ARE WE READY FOR LTE? . Connected Planet. 12. International Business. T. ( 1 ) . Improved Siri Will do Everything for You. Including Shopping: Apple Patent Filing. International Business Times.

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CD Review essays

CD Review essays A CD Review of Bluing: Miles Davis Plays the Blues Miles Davis, from his beginnings as a nineteen-year-old kid in 1945 New York City, to his final days in the early 1990s, is to be considers one of the jazzs best. The 1996 album entitled, Bluing: Miles Davis Plays the Blues, the engineers at Prestige Records bring Miles Davis back to life. Packed with over 73 minutes and 12 bar blues, Bluing brings nine great tunes of Davis together on one disk. Having been originally recorded in the 1950s, these nine cuts take the listener through a decade of music and a decade of Davis life. On the opening track, entitled Bluing, we hear nearly ten minutes of Davis on trumpet, Jackie McLean on alto sax, Sonny Rollins on tenor, Walter Bishop, Jr. on piano, Tommy Porter on bass, and Art Blakey playing the drums. Bishop provides the intro of the song on the piano, with Blakey coming in soon after. Nearly a minute in, Davis begins and is soon softly accompanied by the saxes. Through the first five or so minutes of the tune, Davis enjoys a solo. He is then followed by the tenor and alto sax, respectively. I enjoy this track mostly for the tone Davis achieves and the moderate tempo. However, during Rollins tenor solo and then again for the last minute or so of the song, Davis and the rest of the group pick up the pace and begin double-timing. In the end, for me, this track is made classic by a botched ending on the part of Art Blakey. If you listen closely you can hear Davis instant reaction: Well have to play it again then, man. You know the arrangement. Obviously enough, Blakey doesnt contribute to any of the other songs on the album. Another cut that I enjoyed on this album is Bags Groove. ...

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Exam 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Exam 3 - Essay Example Another aspect that makes the two considerably akin to each other is the way they fashioned their conclusions. The former concludes that ‘hers is a valuable necklace,’ while the latter ends by saying ‘students should not be given entire freedom in choosing elective courses.’ Both are not accurate conclusions as their premises are not also logically aligned and factually acceptable. A contradiction to the principle of modus ponens, such premises were not true as prior validation is required for both claims to be recognized (Surhone, Timpledon, & Marseken, 2010). As already mentioned, the extrapolation that college freshmen do not have adequate knowledge of what makes a good education is a blatant falsity. It is a fallacy at work when it is not yet evidenced that these segments of society are wholly devoid of the grasp as to what are the essential components of their college education. Conversely, it can also be not totally evinced that every single item in Ti ffany’s is of the highest value and is of the loftiest price, as validations from reliable authorities are needed to establish these to counter such bandwagon (marketing) tactics.